Portable Mobile Device Screen Cleaning Kit


"The Mobile Clean & Go is priceless!...The flat bottle is genius and the double-sided microfiber cloth is small, but effective.  I think I could buy this by the case."
--Ruth Ferguson, Editor, North Dallas Gazette

"I was very skeptical of the Mobile Clean & Go product when I ordered it. After all, how could a flat pump work with a cloth to clean my iDevices. Well, I am extremely surprised to report that the product is excellent. The pump works perfectly and with the cleaning pad leaves no residue, streaks or dirt on the screen. My only suggestion would be to use a larger cloth (microfiber) when cleaning larger items like a MacBook. However, gone is the everyday dirt and grime from my iPhone and  mini iPad (my two most used devices). I highly recommend the Mobile Clean & Go. As an aside, yes, it really does go through security easily."
-- Howard, Gold Canyon, AZ

"The item is great.  I find myself wiping my instruments a whole lot less.  A very good product.  Thanks!"
 -- Nancy, Chicago, IL


Mobile Clean & Go is the first truly portable mobile device screen cleaner.  It is smaller than most mobile phones.  Our flat bottle is compact, easy to use and TSA approved for air travel. You can clean a screen quickly in any social situation.

Boaters!  Mobile Clean & Go is perfect for removing fingerprints, water spots and sunscreen from your marine electronic displays.  It is compact and easily stows anywhere on board.

Travelers!   Whether you're cleaning your screen at the airport, office or hotel room never worry about embarrassing filth, smudges, dirt, facial oils or makeup clouding your screen on-the-go. 

Crystal clear, fingerprint-free mobile device screens are just a few clicks away! 

Mobile Clean & Go - Take It With You!

Mobile Clean & Go Applications

  • Mobile Phones
  • MP3 Music Players
  • Tablets
  • Mobile Gaming Devices
  • GPS Screens
  • Marine Electronics
  • Laptops
  • Computer Screens*
  • TV Screens*


Only $6.49
Starter Kit - Cell Phone Cleaner
3 Pack for $8.99
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